Journal of Development Policy, Research & Practice


1Factors Contributing to Gender Disparity in Education in Rural Areas: Evidence from Three Districts of Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad Luqman, Babar Shahbaz, Xu Shiewi and Yu Wen
2Gender Beliefs and Action Tendencies for Women's Rights: Impact of national vis-a-vis international policy recommendations
Gulnaz Anjum, Mudassar Aziz, Adam Chilton, and Zahid Usman
3On the Muslim Minority in India
Nathalene Reynolds
4Global Warming: Evidence, Causes, Consequences and Mitigation
M. Qasim Jan, Shafqat Kakakhel, Sabica Batool, Khazima Muazim and
5Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on Pore Pressure of Earth's Crust - A Desk Review
Zainab Naeem